The 14th Judicial District Attorney’s Office has an Adult Diversion Program.  The program is available to certain individuals based on several factors, including the nature of the offense, access to necessary services, and the applicant’s desire to address the factors contributing to their interaction with the criminal justice system in an honest and disciplined way.  The program has two ‘tracks’, one funded by a grant from the State of Colorado (Standard Track) and one funded through United HealthCare via the Colorado Attorney General’s Office (RMYC Track).

Standard Track

In the standard track the primary focus is individuals whose primary driver for intersecting the criminal justice system is demonstrable mental health problems or significant addiction, or both, particularly those individuals who lack the resources to access necessary recovery resources.  The program will also identify and try to address other factors contributing to a participant’s criminogenic risk, such as employment, housing and transportation.  The criteria and procedure for entry into the standard track and the program application form, are linked below.

RMYC Track

The Rocky Mountain Youth Corps track focuses on adults between and including 18 and 24 years of age who were Colorado residents at the time of their offense, and who are interested in the experiential learning opportunities available through participation with RMYC as a “Conservation Corp Crew Member”.  This program involves a commitment of time spent in the Colorado wilderness and requires compliance with all of RMYC’s organizational and program policies.  The criteria and procedure for entry into RMYC track and the program application form, are linked below.

If you are considering applying for our Adult Diversion program, please review the criteria carefully to make sure you are an appropriate candidate.  Note that due to different funding sources and goals, the criteria for entry into the Standard Track and the RMYC Track are different.

You must submit an application through the online portal below.  Your application will be reviewed and we will respond within 1-4 weeks.  As always, you should consult with or hire an attorney to help you if you are charged with a crime.

Application for Acceptance into 14th Judicial District Adult Diversion Program

The information you provide in this application will not be used as evidence against you in any prosecution. It is very important to be completely truthful and thorough in completing this application so that it receives appropriate and full consideration.

Your submission is not complete until you receive a confirmation email, please review carefully to ensure you’ve completed all required fields.

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